Personal Information Protection Policy

CTIS respects the privacy of students and protects their personal information. Personal information will be obtained in a legal and proper manner to the extent necessary to carry out our business in compliance with the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy has been prepared by the President and members of the Management Committee of CTIS. This policy has been developed by CTIS to protect the personal information of its students. Our commitment to the protection of personal information includes ensuring that students’ personal information is accurate, confidential, and secure and that students are able to request access to and correction of their personal information.

Our school understands that this includes being identified from a combination of personal data and other information held by the data administrator. In order to understand properly how personal data is handled at the school, there are several essential terms that should be understood by all parties involved.

Unless the purpose for collecting personal data is clear and the student or parent/guardian voluntarily provides personal data for that purpose, CTIS will communicate the purpose for which personal data is being collected either orally or in writing before or at the time the data is collected.
CTIS will only collect information about a student that is necessary to identify the student and comply with government reporting requirements. The purposes for collecting or storing personal information about students are as follows.

・To comply with legal and administrative requirements.
・To ensure that eligible students receive relevant and additional instruction, resources, and financial assistance.
・To assist in the provision of supplemental instruction.
・To enable the school to contact parents in the event of an emergency or school closure.
・To ensure that the student meets the school’s admission criteria.
・To keep a record of the student’s progress in school.
・To prepare accurate accident/incident reports.
・To communicate clearly with all educational personnel.
・To support medical and special needs within the school.
・To take pictures and records of students to celebrate school accomplishments, create a yearbook, create a school website, document school events, and maintain a historical record of the school. Such records shall be taken and used in accordance with the school’s photography policy.
・To follow the law and instructions of government agencies when providing documents and information about students to the Department of Education or other schools.
・To provide documents/information/references to any third-party educational institution and/or prospective employer upon request of the student or parent/guardian.

We may collect, use or disclose personal information without the student’s knowledge or consent in the following limited circumstances.

1. When the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information is permitted or required by law
2. In the event of an emergency situation that threatens the life, health, or personal safety of an individual
3. When legal advice from an attorney is required
4. To protect students from illegal activities
5. To investigate a breach of contract or violation of law

Our school will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the student’s personal information is accurate and complete when it may be used to make decisions about the student or disclosed to other organizations.
Students may request that their personal information be corrected to ensure accuracy and completeness. Requests to correct personal information must be made in writing and must include sufficient detail to identify the personal data and the correction.

Suppose personal information is found to need to be more accurate or complete. In that case, the information will be corrected upon request, and the organization to which the personal data was shared in the previous year will be informed of the updated information.

CTIS is committed to ensuring the security of students’ personal information to protect it from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal, and other risks.
Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact school staff with questions about CTIS compliance.

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