CTIS Kindergarten will open in April 2024
in Shibuya Sakura Stage near Shibuya station

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Capital Tokyo International School (CTIS)

CTIS Kindergarten Shibuya will be established as the kindergarten division of Capital Tokyo International School, which opened its elementary school in 2022 and its middle school in 2023, and will become an integrated K-12 school when it opens its high school division in 2026 and is aiming to become an IB accredited school.

CTIS considers K-12 integrated education to guide students “from the Classroom to the Real World,” and so provides a curriculum that develops each student’s individuality and abilities, and empowers them to survive in an uncertain future by learning about society as well as academics at the same time.

CTIS Kindergarten Shibuya

CTIS Kindergarten Shibuya, the kindergarten section ( a non-licensed childcare facility) of CTIS, plays a role in building an important foundation of mind and body in the integrated education at CTIS. The goal is to nurture children’s physical and mental health, inquisitiveness, curiosity, and willingness to take on new challenges while they enjoy themselves.

Learn more about the curriculum features of CTIS Kindergarten Shibuya, established as the kindergarten division of Capital Tokyo International School.

We are one of the few international school-affiliated Kindergarten schools to offer long daycare hours (7:30 – 20:00 *including extended care).

Please click here to see the daily timetable and annual calendar.

It will be located in SAKURA Tower at Shibuya Sakura Stage in the Shibuya Sakuragaoka area, one minute from Shibuya Station, which is scheduled to be completed at the end of November 2023.

The actual facility will not be available for viewing until December. Please click here for an overview.

We are now accepting applications to attend our information sessions.

Please click here for information regarding the admission process, information sessions, admission exams, and fees.

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