Collaboration Event with “NewsPicks for Kids”

On Sunday, September 10th, “NewsPicks for Kids” and CTIS Kindergarten Shibuya will collaborate to hold a hands-on pixel art workshop for preschool children.

※ “NewsPicks for Kids” is a brand new newspaper for children brought to you by NewsPicks.

Participants will experience the process of design and expression using pixel art (dot art), a style often found in video games, in a limited number of squares.

Participants will be given a worksheet to use and take home.
Join us in learning about how to create designs that connect with the world!

▼ Event Overview

・Date and Time: September 10th (Sunday), 10:30-11:30
・Reception Time: 10:00-10:30
・Participation Fee: Free
・Location: CTIS Elementary School Campus (4-11-30 Minami-Azabu, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Minami-Azabu Shibuya Building 4F)
※ The Kindergarten Campus (located at Shibuya Sakura Stage) is scheduled to open at the end of November this year
・Target Age: Children aged 4-5 as of April 1st, 2024 and their guardians
・Capacity: 15 Groups


“Play and Ponder: Pixel Art Experience Workshop”
Pixel art, familiar from video games, requires the ability to grasp the essence of things within a limited grid, observe subjects for artistic representation, and navigate between abstraction and concreteness to arrive at a personally satisfying solution.
Creating something through pixel art appears playful, yet it effectively nurtures creative thinking.
In this workshop, we will dive into the design process using pixel art.

▼ Lecturer

Jun Sakurada

Art Director/Infographic Designer, “NewsPicks for Kids”

Jun Sakurada has been working as an infographic editor for “NewsPicks for Kids” since 2014.

He participated in the launch of the editorial department of “NewsPicks,” a social economic media site, as an infographic editor in 2014. He planned and designed various content, including mobile-optimized infographic article formatting. In 2022, he became the Art Director of “NewsPicks for Kids.” He is the author of “Introduction to Fun Infographics” and “Thinking in Diagrams. Make it Simple.” and other works.

Jun Sakurada’s website:

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